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If you are buying, selling or leasing commercial real estate--do you have the right professionals involved?


In addition to a knowledgeable real estate broker to help clarify your objectives, identify suitable properties, and negotiate contracts, you should consider using: 


A knowledgeable real estate attorney--An attorney for whom real estate transactions are a major portion of his/her professional business--Such a real estate attorney can review a contract/lease in a very short period of time, protect the client's interest and minimize expense. In addition, a real estate attorney can help in recommending the ownership entity most beneficial for you. 


Your tax planning professional--Your CPA can insure that your tax liability is minimized consistent with your long range goals. 


Due diligence professionals--Under the guidance of your broker or attorney, you may need physical inspection consultants, environmental consulants, appraisers and other professionals. 


Depending on the need for financing--A banker who understands your business and/or a mortgage broker specializing in your type of real estate can save money and time. 

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